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Get to Know Aventura

You may have just relocated to the Miami-Dade area and wondering where you want to settle in. You might be single and newly arrived for work, have family considerations, or simply decided it's time for a change. Whatever has brought you to Miami, you'll find your own little oasis of the best Florida has to offer right in Aventura.

As the saying goes, you only get a first impression once. That's all you need when you're introduced to Aventura because that first positive vibe will stay with you, and it only improves with each new discovery.

Did Someone Say Sunshine?

With an average of 242 days of sunshine each year, Aventura is tough to beat. There's no need to bundle up in a thick winter coat with boots and gloves to match. You'll seldom see temperatures veer off the average norm of between 68 and 82 degrees. Sure you may have some balmy summer days, or a few too many rainy ones to suit you in June, but you don't want to become too spoiled, do you? Even during the warmest months, you'll find a cool respite in the sea breezes that waft through and offer relief.

Feel Like Going to the Beach?

So, now that you have all that sunshine, you need a place to get out and enjoy it. Why not drive on over to one of the nearby beaches? You could take a short trip across the William Lehman Causeway and find yourself settling into a lawn chair on Golden Beach in a matter of minutes.

Actually, once you find your way onto Collins Avenue from the Causeway, you'll have the option of going to any one of the beaches you choose because Collins runs the length of the beach area. When you're ready to unwind and take a mini vacation, it's no longer just a dream.

Is Education Important to You?

The schools within the Aventura district rank among the highest in the state. According to Great Schools, Aventura City of Excellence School scored an impressive 10 out of 10 on test scores, equity overview, and student progress.

With a small student to teacher ratio across the classrooms in Aventura, you'll appreciate that extra attention to detail your student receives.

Education is valued in Aventura by families and school administration. You'll find that approximately half of the adult population is comprised of college graduates with more than 90% having earned a high school diploma.

The World Famous Aventura Mall

Anchored by two of the finest department stores, the Aventura Mall is a study in elegance and style. Your shopping experience extends to an eclectic mix of over 300 quality boutiques and brands you've come to rely on.

When you're ready to take a bit of a break from your shopping venue, go ahead and relax at one of the more than 40 restaurants. The Aventura Mall also showcases local artists in a variety of mediums. Grab a cup of coffee and stroll through the exhibitions.

If you'd prefer to shop in a little more intimate atmosphere, stop into Sky Lake Mall, Intercoastal Mall, The Shoppes at the Waterways, and The Village at Gulfstream Park. There's a style to suit your taste in Aventura.

Feel Like Doing Something Different?

Of course, there's much more to Aventura than shopping and the beach. If you enjoy variety, or you have a family filled with different interests, you might want to consider a few other options for entertainment.

There are a variety of park options that include the Arch Creek Park. It's a significant point of interest that's built around limestone formations and features both Native American and pioneer artifacts. Founders Park provides an impressively creative play area for the kids. You can keep an eye on them and relax while they work off some of their energy.

When you feel like just stopping in to enjoy a cup of coffee, you'll find a welcome spot at one of the more than 20 coffee houses in Aventura.

If the afternoon calls for a movie, all you need to do is decide on which one of the 14 feature that film you've been wanting to see. On the other hand, you might be longing for rows and rows of bookshelves. The town's seven libraries should keep you occupied.

You may decide it's time to find a gym, and you'll have no trouble finding the spot that suits you. At least one of the thirteen available within Aventura is sure to win a spot on your roster.

If you enjoy the dining experience, there's no better place than Aventura to venture out and sample the variety. With a range that spans ceviche to sushi, the culinary opportunities in this hamlet will keep you busy for quite some time.

Are You Ready To Invest in Real Estate?

With a nearly perfect location and some outstanding housing options on the market, Aventura should score at least a must visit on your tour of possible home locales. You are a mere 10 minutes from the center of Miami when you feel the need for a more urban atmosphere, and you're centrally located for quick access to Fort Lauderdale and Miami Beach.

The median house price listed for Aventura on Zillow is $342,900. Don't let the area's affordability fool you. There is an impressive selection of tastefully appointed homes available across the spectrum of price ranges.

Do You Have Questions About the Area?

If there's anyone who can attest to an area it's the florist who delivers to homes and offices dotted along its thoroughfares. Amazing Flowers Miami is well-versed in all things Miami-Dade and Southern Florida. Of course, we find something special in each of our delivery areas. They all have their own unique texture. Aventura, however, has so much to offer anyone who's considering relocating. You have beautiful homes situated in a quiet corner of the Miami-Dade world. We're certain that if you spend a little time there, you'll want to stay.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about the area or if you have questions about flowers. We're here to help.