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Ocean Two Condominium

Residents throughout South Florida are used to seeing bright colors and vibrant greenery everywhere they go. It grows naturally in Florida, so it should follow them everywhere they go. Ocean Two is an elegant, oceanfront residence with impressive views of the intracoastal and the ocean. As people walk into the building, they expect to see beauty, and we deliver on that expectation - our floral arrangements are regularly displayed in the lobby.

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Floral Arrangements for Every Season

What is put on display in the summer is going to be very different than what is displayed in the fall. This has to do with the availability of flowers as well as the colors and themes that are being explored. Ocean Two has displayed some vibrant floral arrangements for every major holiday and season. Tulips, proteas, and lilies are commonly used within arrangements because of their unique shapes. In some instances, we bring in some of the more exotic flowers, including anthuriums and birds of paradise.

We aim to create an arrangement that is unique to the season. Fall arrangements will consist of oranges, reds, and yellows. Winter arrangements may be red and green like Christmas or blue to represent snowfall. We always work directly with our clients to ensure that the arrangement is themed appropriately. In addition to seasonal arrangements, we often create arrangements for special events. Beyond placing arrangements in the lobby of Ocean Two, we have been asked to create arrangements for the centerpieces of their restaurant. Further, when there are special events (or private events) within the restaurant and elsewhere throughout the condominium tower, we will work with the client to create unique arrangements that help to solidify the theme of the event.

Spread Joy to Your Residents

Flowers have always been known to spread joy. It's why they're commonly gifted for birthdays, anniversaries, and other celebratory occasions. Seeing flowers brings a smile to the residents' faces. We often get contacted by residents to provide arrangements for the businesses that they own simply because of the positive reaction of seeing fresh flowers.

For us, it's an art. We don't simply place flowers into a vase. We shape the flowers. We carefully choose the colors. We match like petals with one another. We also look to create contrasts. Every flower has a different shape, and we use that as a way to create arrangements that are designed to evoke a reaction. Residents tend to get excited to see what the next arrangement is going to be. As we swap out from month to month, residents will notice – and that's because of the creativity that we incorporate into each arrangement.

Embrace the Beauty of Florida

When it comes to embracing the beauty of Florida, it's all about using fresh products and bright colors. Particularly when it comes to luxury décor, plastic flamingos and stickers of smiling suns aren't going to cut it. The luxury condos of South Florida understand how using floral arrangements can be a way to embrace all that the region has to offer. Residents spend a lot of money to live in view of the water. They know what luxury is and they demand it at every turn. As such, it's important to pay attention to the décor that is used – and fresh flowers are the only option to achieve the level of décor that is expected.

The corporate flowers that we offer at Amazing Flowers Miami are about more than just providing stunning lobby décor. It's also about providing plant maintenance to ensure that the vibrancy is maintained all year long. We will refresh the arrangements as often as desired. Additionally, we understand that it's all about creating an ambiance that is light and invigorating. The desire is to have a lobby that is inviting to current and future residents. We can create all sorts of natural décor options for lobbies beyond floral arrangements, including river rocks, living walls, bamboo structures, and moss walls.

Why High Rises Choose Amazing Flowers Miami

At Amazing Flowers Miami, we have worked with companies throughout Miami Beach, Aventura, Brickell, Bal Harbour, and beyond. We understand the various native species of Florida as well as the exotics that are capable of thriving in the heat and humidity of South Florida. All of this allows us to create beautiful arrangements that are capable of lasting more than a few days. We have provided countless arrangements for the condominium towers of South Florida – including the Ocean Two condominium in Sunny Isles. It ensures that residents are greeted with something vibrant and enticing on their way up to their unit or on their way out the door to explore the beaches and shops within the area. Our upscale flower delivery allows us to create something that is not only creative but also blends well with the structural architecture of the building. No two arrangements are the same – and it's how high rises have learned to depend on us to provide fresh décor within their lobbies. You can browse through some of our top selling arrangements or you can contact us for a consultation where we can show you what we can personalize for your building.

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Ocean Two is a brilliant demonstration of the fresh and creative arrangements that we offer to our clients on a regular basis. We specialize in corporate floral arrangements throughout South Florida. It ensures that everything is not only upscale but also appropriate to the time of year. Miami, Sunny Isles, and the surrounding areas use sunlight throughout its architecture to take advantage of the beautiful weather found throughout the year. As such, we take this into consideration with the arrangements that we create, ensuring that they can hold up in the heat. When you want to make an impression, we'll create the appealing arrangements that can get the job done all year long. Schedule a consultation with one of our floral specialists today to learn more about how Amazing Flowers Miami can produce flowers for your high-rise or corporation.

We'll Help Your Business Grow

Please call (305) 787-0700 or send us an email if you have any questions about our corporate flower services. It would be our pleasure to assist you with your floral arrangements for your company; we take great care in creating the perfect statement to match your specific business.

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