Avant-Garde Bouquet



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Product Description

A bit of vibrancy and grace is all you need for a floral creation in the home. Imagine an accent piece full of tall magenta bursts accompanied by two stunning phalaenopsis orchids. The flower arrangement is finished off by a sharp looking palm frond wrapped around the clear vase. This makes for a stunning gift or your viewing pleasure in any room you choose. It appears to be holy and full of life to all who gaze upon its beauty.

The overall design makes one feel as if they are in an artistic world, especially with the strong composition and delicate features. It is dynamic and full of sharp lines. Anyone will love the artistic look in its entirety – the blooms and their vibrancy are sure to please. When fully admiring this avant-garde approach to flower design, its differing textures and shapes are quite pleasing to the eye. With a width of 18″ and a height of 46″, these dimensions are majestic and appealing in itself. A large floral arrangement is great to look at from any vantage point in the blessed household.

This special floral arrangement can be delivered on the same day to your home or the home of choice for someone special to enjoy.  Pick any month or day of the year for a surprise arrival. You may request that an affectionate or friendly note be added with the order. A few sweet words will blend with the fragrance of the eye-catching bouquet. Romance will be sure to bloom at a higher frequency when accentuated by such a grand gesture. If you want a bouquet that is long-lasting, pick this innovative creation of Phalaenopsis and grace from Amazing Flowers Miami. You will never be disappointed by its fine quality and perhaps will be a happy customer for life.


  • Weight: 500 oz
  • Width: 18 in
  • Depth: 12 in
  • Height: 46 in

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