Pink and Red Roses with Cymbidium Orchids



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Product Description

One of the most popular types of orchids to have indoors is the cymbidium, and this floral arrangement neatly pairs it with the flower favorites, red and pink roses. The orchids hail from the foothills of the Himalayas, and they bring the rarified elegance of the mountains with their yellow-green outer petals and purple speckled inner petals. Bright rose petals pop next to these beauties. Dark green leaves break up this vibrant show of bright colors, giving depth to the arrangement. 

Color does not work alone in creating beauty though. The symmetry of this arrangement adds to its use as a focal point because it feels complete on its own. It will fill up any niche you put it in so that your walls will look lushly decorated. It’s 32-inches wide and 32-inches high, which makes it compact enough for halls, but big enough to catch the eye in a busy room. These flowers stay brilliant and blooming for a long time and this gives you plenty of flexibility in how you use them. You can give them as an early birthday gift and know that your recipient will be able to display them at their party. They will last through the reception and multiple-day destination wedding. A graduate can decorate their new college dorm with them. 

These gorgeous blooms need no fancy holding container, and they are best displayed in our clear glass cylinder vase. This allows you to enjoy the green stems in their glory and lets the flowers take the show. The 12-inch by 12-inch vase fits on dressers, hall tables, and breakfast nook tables equally well.

Should you need it, this arrangement is available for same day delivery or for day of your choosing. You can also add a note to your flowers, though you may want to let the flowers do all the talking. This is truly a luxury flower arrangement that will fit into anyone’s life.


  • Weight: 640 oz
  • Width: 32 in
  • Depth: 32 in
  • Height: 32 in

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