Long and Low; Tulips, Orchids & More



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Product Description

Do you have a table or large shelf that could use some natural pizzazz? Perhaps you have a friend who needs a house-warming gift for their long dining room table. Here is the floral arrangement for you. The bright colors of blooms and brilliant green leaves make a horizontal pole of color in a long, low arrangement that bring to mind holiday festiveness and home comfort.

The selection of the flowers has been carefully chosen to blend seamlessly into any home decorating scheme and to stand alone. We have strips of yellow tulips and pink tulips, with their satin-textured petals, alternating with thick bands of the soft pure white of hydrangeas and deep, emerald green aspidistra leaves and dianthus flowers. The spiky green dianthus blooms give your festive presentation texture and an ethereal feel that goes well with the celestial look of the hydrangeas. Lines of purple orchids give a luxurious touch between the green and white. It is a color scheme that is sure to bring out the colors of contemporary interior designs and to boost the surrounding focal points in a room.

This arrangement is long lasting, with the dianthus flowers able to keep beautiful for possibly up to two weeks. This makes it an ideal present for newly-weds or house-warming parties as the recipients will be able to enjoy the color it brings their home for a long while. The long, clear glass vase is sturdy, with a flat bottom that no wayward pet or visiting child will knock down. It works well as a single decorative touch on long surfaces as it is 48 inches wide. It won’t interrupt your view over it either as it is only 8 inches high.

You can send your recipient a note along with the floral arrangement if you want to add to it, and you can order it on the same day that you want it delivered. You can also set a date for it to be sent too. Anytime you want a long, low-slung floral arrangement, check this one out.


  • Weight: 360 oz
  • Width: 48 in
  • Depth: 5 in
  • Height: 8 in

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