A Picture-Perfect Tropical Paradise



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Product Description

One look at this floral arrangement and you are transported back to your Hawaiian vacation or honeymoon. The orchids and hydrangeas remind you of warm days and cool breezes coming in from the ocean. The roses and tulips help you remember your wedding or the weddings of your family. You recollect the moistness in the air, the greenery that surrounds you, the slight hum of insects enjoying the plants, and the searing heat of wedded bliss.

This arrangement is held together by a square white ceramic vase. The arrangement itself is 30 inches wide by 36 inches tall and 24 inches long. This means that you want a sturdy table to display such beauty and love. It could be its own painting, the one that the Roman or Greek masters created as they imagined plants of the tropics.

The vertical height of three feet is in the Ti and Aspidistra leaves and green cymbidium orchids. While these orchids look yellow and green, they also have a splash of color on the edges of brick red. It is as though the orchids are giving you a hint of the past and the happiness of now. The monstera leaves of the “swiss cheese plant” and pandan leaves create the stunning width along with the hydrangeas giving it depth.

The pink colors of the phalaenopsis orchids, roses, tulips, and peonies blend beautifully, drawing you close to their blooms. The textures and shapes of each flower pull you ever closer to soak in their radiance.

Pink flowers signify grace, happiness, and refinement. Each flower can represent something a little different, such as the orchid means “I love you” and the celebration of the 14th and 28th wedding anniversary. The roses symbolize gratitude and are seen as a token of admiration. Tulips represent pure love and pink tulips are known as affection, care, and good wishes. If ever there was a happy flower, it would be a peony. And with the pink color, it means romance and happy marriage.

You can add a note and get it the same day you order it. Or you can choose a delivery date, specifying year, month, and day. This floral arrangement is perfect for your loved ones as they celebrate their special day.


  • Weight: 800 oz
  • Width: 30 in
  • Depth: 24 in
  • Height: 36 in

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